Why Sponsorship is <br/> Important

Our sponsors are the air we need to thrive!  Without our sponsors, our long-term viability and opportunity to attract new members would be severely limited.  Impact’s business model is one where we essentially act as a conduit for our members’ contributions after an extensive vetting process of the nonprofit initiatives we support.  These member contributions are aggregated and fund the grants we award.  100% of the member contributions are used for grant funding and our only revenue source, other than sponsorships, is the administrative fee we charge, which is minimal and does not fully cover our operational costs.   Our sponsors help us to cover our costs, increase our membership, and plan for unforeseen business expenses.  We are grateful for our sponsors and truly depend on their support.

 Impact 100 PBC operates as a 501 (c)(3) and many dedicated volunteers work on grant review and grant management, marketing and communications, social media, membership retention and growth, and special events that aim to increase membership so we can ultimately award $1,000,000 in grant funding to our community every year!  We have only one paid administrative employee and a donor has graciously underwritten her salary. With the prices of most services increasing, it is becoming more difficult for us to cover our operational expenses, consistently grow membership, and meet future cost increases or unexpected items. We need sponsors like you to help us continue to achieve our mission!

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