The Board of Directors of Impact 100 is comprised of 30 volunteer leaders.  Many of these women have been members since the inception of the organization in 2011, and more than half have been a member for more than a decade.  All are dedicated and passionate about serving our community.  They are "Changemakers"!

"One can hurt enough to seek change, see enough to desire change, learn enough that one wants to change, and receive enough to be able to change, but one must also be active enough to create change.  One can become a catalyst, and through that work, not only can change her world, but OUR world."
John Maxwell and Rob Hoskins, Change Your World

2023-2024 BoardYears of Service
Kathy Adkins*13
Helen Ballerano13
Jessica Baskies6
Kim Beaumont*12
Kimberly Boldt*5
Laura Bull*11
Courtney Dadas6
Sue Diener13
Sarah Doyle5
Renee Feder10
Gwenn Feliciano2
Kelly Fleming*11
Kathryn Gillespie9
Donna Glenn5
JoAnne Greiser10
Kirstin Jovanovski9
Ingrid Kennemer13
Cindy Krebsbach*13
Janean Mileusnic8
Shannon Moriarity5
Jeannine Morris*11
Lisa Mulhall*13
Noreen Payne9
Molly Reiss9
Tandy Robinson*13
Carrie Rubin13
Holly Schuttler*11
Becky Scott13
Kirsten Stanley12
Marilyn Swilinger10

*Members of the Executive Committee