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Committee Descriptions

Committee Descriptions

*Must be a member in good standing to serve on a committee.



Kathryn Gillespie & Michelle Bernardo

The role of this committee is to help grow our membership. Main tasks are helping with the recruitment of new members and retention of current members. Committee members correspond with new and former members as well as help mentor new members. They also assist in planning Membership gatherings with the volunteer hostesses and organize handout materials for these events. Meetings are limited with most of the work done by email or at events.

Special Events

Special Events

Sarah Doyle

Impact 100 PBC has several annual events that we need help producing and executing: Fall Kick-off event, Semi-Finalists announcement, Finalists announcement, and the Grand Award Celebration. Events may include educational events with speakers, workshops or forums. Meetings are limited with most of the activity occurring around the dates of events. If you would prefer to work on anyone specific event, please specify in an email.


Kimberly Boldt & Jeannine Morris

Maintain communication with current members through mailings (including reports to our members and the community about the achievements of our grant recipients, and other Impact events via the Impact 100 Newsflash/Newsletter). Media skills and writing experience are helpful. Also included in this committee are website and social media communications, as well as assisting our PR professionals with publicizing Impact 100 PBC through local media channels. Creating ads, supplying info and pictures from events will be needed.

Grant Compliance

JoAnne Greiser & Molly Reiss

The role of this committee is to work with current Grant Recipients to ensure the terms of their contracts are being met. Meetings will be in November and April, to review the interim reports filed by the nonprofits, and as needed. This committee also serves as the liaison between Impact and all of our current and recent past Grant Recipients for updates on their programs that we can share with our membership. Members of this Committee must have served on Grants Review.

Host a Coffee

Kathryn Gillespie & Michelle Bernardo

One way that we expand our membership is by inviting women to attend gatherings in homes, clubs, restaurants, etc. to share the message of Impact 100. We then invite these women to join us, as new members, and create a positive impact in our community. While a list of potential members is helpful, the willingness to sponsor the event for members and potential members is also greatly appreciated. We welcome members (and venues) from all over our southern Palm Beach County Impact region.

Grant Reviewers

Ingrid Kennemer & Noreen Payne

Through an online process, grant reviewers read and thoughtfully review, score and rank the initial grant applications from the interested nonprofits. Each team meets to discuss which nonprofits will advance to full grant application and a site visit. Volunteers will be offered training and instruction on the complete grant process. Meetings and committee activities run from October through March.


Must be a paid member by August 1st, 2019 to serve on the 2019  - 2020 committee.

Board Governance

Kathy Adkins

In order to better represent our southern Palm Beach County community, we are constantly looking to meet new women willing to join our Board of Directors and help provide leadership to Impact 100 PBC. Though Impact 100 PBC was formed in 2013, we have recently achieved our 501c3 status and are transitioning to operating independently from the Community Foundation of Palm Beach & Martin Counties. We invite you to join us as we embark on this exciting new chapter for Impact 100 PBC.


If you are interested in furthering the mission of Impact 100 by serving on our Board of Directors, please express your interest.

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