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Among The Betrayed Book Report


  • Among the Impostors Among the Betrayed By Margaret Peterson Haddix. Write a report on population: how it has changed over the years, how it affects our society, and ways of dealing with it.. Book Cover Image (jpg): Among the Betrayed. Trade Paperback 9780689839092. Author Photo (jpg): Margaret Peterson Haddix. The Backstage Studio

  • "Among the Betrayed" is a continuation of "Among the Hidden". The Story is about a shadow child named Nina. She goes to a boarding school, where she discovers other shadow children in hiding too. Nina also meets a boy there named Jason. They fall in love. Everything changed one day when the population police arrested Nina at breakfast.

  • Mar 20, 2011In the book "Among the Betrayed," author Margaret Peterson Haddix introduces a girl by the name of Nina Idi, she is living in a time where third child births are prohibited because of famines. Nina Idi, or by her real name Elodie, is a third child and she has been imprisoned for being accused of turning in third children for a reward with her boyfriend Jason, or Scott.

Among The Betrayed Book Report - Essay Help 24x7

Among The Betrayed Book Report - Essay Help 24x7

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