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Women & Giving Trends

According to a recent study, women are motivated to give differently, depending on if they are a member of the Women's Fund / Foundation donors or if they are women in the general public. Where do you see yourself on this chart?

When it comes to the research above, clearly, compassion for the organization's mission is still the most important aspect to inspire women's charitable giving.

"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about." - Margaret J. Wheatley

When you couple the findings above with the findings below (Figure 3, from the same study), some thought patterns become more evident when it comes to women in philanthropy.

Identifying a Few Trends

From these Figures, it appears women who are active in Foundations and the Women's Fund tend to want to be more deeply involved with an organization whose mission they support; women want to volunteer or serve on Boards of Directors. They are more likely to align their personal identities with giving by viewing themselves as leaders in philanthropy, and are also more motivated to give when they feel their gift can make a difference in the life of the organization.

Impact-ing Our Community

So, how does this relate to Impact 100 of Palm Beach County? - Women who are involved in Foundations or the Women's Fund are about four times more likely to be a member of a Giving Circle (such as Impact 100). As Impact 100 Palm Beach County continues growing and evolving into its own Foundation, we hope that our members will continue to support us by becoming increasingly engaged with the "behind the scenes" procedures. We love our volunteers and welcome anyone else who wants to join us and support Impact 100 PBC in creating high-impact, efficient philanthropy.

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