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Past Grant Recipients

Here is the full list of 30 nonprofits that have received our $100,000 grants over the past 9 years. 

We showcase their projects to highlight the Impact100 has achieved in our local community as well as which initiatives have resonated with our members.  



Explore, Play, Learn!

Boys and Girls Club of Palm Beach County, Inc.


Ladies Empowerment & Achievement Program


Sandoway Marine Park Artificial Reef Development

HOW Foundation 2020 v1.jpg

HOW Foundation of South Florida

Operation Phoenix

Tri-County Animal Rescue

Together Fur-Ever


Keep the Music Playing!

Project UpLift

Community Tree Champion

Home and Hope 


One Humanity Tour - 

7th Grade Human Trafficking Project

Maritime Education

After-School Program at Village Academy

Restoring the 

Gold Coast

Summer Opportunity

for Adult Readiness

School Based

Mental Health


Building a String Orchestra and Self-Esteem! 

Steps to Success!

Expanding our Nature Education Programming.

Transitional Independent Living Neighborhood-  Phase 1. The Leighan and David Rinker Campus.

Genesis Smiles!


Provided innovative and interactive opportunity for children using the art theater to improve children's cooperative skills, leadership, teamwork, and social skills.  

Provided Mental Health prevention/intervention services. Provided community engagement activities, issue-specific topical support, and educational groups, individual and family counseling services. 

Increased local orchid population by studying and planting 12,000 native orchids throughout South Palm Beach County. Taught about the ecosystem services and ecosystem restoration to secondary school students. 

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Education program that will expand KidSafe’s three-part education program over two years beginning August 2017 in partnership with Southern Palm Beach County schools with the goal of protecting children from child sexual abuse.

Construct an unrestricted, boundless and inclusive playground and garden area

Provided inclusion for about 40,000 individuals with special needs that live in southern Palm Beach County.


Provided education and clinical experiences for future nurses.

Promote a family-centered model of care that revolutionizes the manner in which families living with Alzheimer’s disease experience care.

10,000 youth caregivers in Palm Beach County who are at risk for underachieving or dropping out of school.

Provided wrap-around services at school, in-home and outside activities for youth-caregivers.

Provided intensive home and community-based family therapy, crisis intervention, service linkage, and concrete emergency assistance. 

Tutored economically disadvantaged students in Delray beach to prepare them for the ACT/SAT college admission tests.  100% Score improvement and higher school grades for every student. 

Reduced the number of drownings in our region.  Taught 10,000 children how to swim and educated 22,000 parents about water safety. 


Support foster care youth's transition into post-secondary education and expand into southern Palm Beach County High Schools.

Empowering at-risk youth with positive life skills, alternatives to destructive or antisocial behavior and sense of responsibility. 

Expand national program circles into Boynton and Delray Beach.  Educate and inform parents so that they are able to transition to a higher social, emotional and economic standard of living. 

5,000-8,000 meals served during the first year to seniors who are homebound due to medical or health-related mobility issues, transportation limitations and general inability to manage shopping and cooking on their own.


Reading program stopped the summer slide as over 90% maintained or gained a reading level at Grove Elementary School. Grade improved from a D- to a B+ school.

Served over 160 children, reached over 260 children through performances performed in 6 public concerts.

19 different adult education classes were available. 10 parents obtained full-time positions. They created and reviewed resumes for 41 parents and logged 2,489 volunteer hours from October - February.  


Equine-Assisted Therapies of South Florida is a nonprofit organization that provides therapeutic horseback riding and equine assisted therapies for children and adults with physical, mental and emotional difficulties.

Mentored over 200 at-risk girls in southern Palm Beach County,

had a 93% high school graduation rate (average grad rate in PBC is %),

expanded Mentor Program into all 10 southern PBC public high schools,

served 93% more at-risk girls than the prior year, and

attracted 50% more new mentors for the program.


The Parent-Child Center Trauma Team, as a component of Community Partners, was created using Impact 100 Palm Beach County’s first $100,000 grant. Its purpose is to protect and treat abused, abandoned and neglected children removed from their homes in our community, with the ultimate goal of reunification with their families.

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