2021-2022 Grant Cycle

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Focus Areas

Arts, Culture, & Historic Preservation
Programs and projects that cultivate, develop, educate and improve the cultural climate.

Programs and projects that further the ability to educate and improve education.

Environment & Animal Welfare
Programs and projects that seek to:
– Improve, enhance or restore the surroundings and promote conservation of our natural resources
– Promote the protection and welfare of animals and
– Encourage research, public awareness, and education relating to the environment and animals.

Programs and projects that strengthen and enhance the lives of children and families.

Health & Wellness
Programs and projects that positively impact the mental/physical health and wellness of the members of our community.

Grant Qualifications


Your program must be considered "high-impact," which means it should: 

  • Foster change and have a long-term positive impact, 

  • Be well-structured and well-thought-out, 

  • Be a new project, expansion, or improvement of an existing project, or a collaborative effort of several organizations, 

  • Impact many beneficiaries or fewer with great focus (i.e., a scope that is far and wide or narrow and deep) produce specific, measurable results.


Projects must be implemented in and serve residents of southern Palm Beach County within designated geographical boundaries

(i.e., from Lake Worth Road to the Broward County Line).


Click Here to see a map of our geographical boundaries. 


Applicants must be tax-exempt 501c3 organizations for 36 months at the closing date of that year's Letters of Intent.


Applicants must use the full $100,000 grant within 24 months

of the award date.

$100,000 grant recipients are not eligible to reapply for at least 36 months from the date the grant is awarded.


Grant FAQs

What is the first step for a nonprofit agency interested in applying for an Impact 100 Palm Beach County grant?

First, each nonprofit must complete an Organization Profile in order to qualify to move forward in the grant process. For information on how to set up your Organization Profile, go to https://www.grantinterface.com/Home/Logon?urlkey=cfpbmc (Note: link to Impact100PBC portal will only be available during LOI/grant application period.)

Do we have to submit a LOI in order to begin the grant application process? When will the LOI submission form be available? What is the deadline for the LOI?

Yes, the first step in the grant application process is to complete an LOI. The LOI portal for this year's applications will open September 24, 2021. The deadline for submitting the LOI is October 29, 2021 at 5 pm.

When is the Grant Application available on the website? What is the deadline for the Grant Application?

The Grant Application will be available by invitation for accepted LOIs on September 24, 2021. The deadline for submitting the proposal will be October 29th, at 5 pm.

Can you give us guidance on which Focus Area is appropriate for our LOI and Grant Proposal?

No, we do not provide advice about selecting a Focus Area. Each organization must make that decision. We recommend you consider which aspect of your proposal has the strongest impact when choosing a Focus Area. We will not consider a LOI without a selected Focus Area. Additionally, no changes to your initial Focus Area submission will be made once your LOI is received.

What are the Impact 100 Palm Beach County geographical boundaries? Where must the grant funds be spent?

The geographical boundary begins at Lake Worth Road and goes south to the Broward County line. The entire Impact 100 Palm Beach County $100,000 grant must be spent within this area and benefit the southern Palm Beach County area. To see a map of this geographical boundary, please click here. To apply for funding north of Lake Worth Road, please visit our sister site, Impact the Palm Beaches.

Are we eligible for an Impact 100 Palm Beach County grant if our nonprofit organization is not physically located within the geographical boundaries?

Yes. However, the project or program must be designated for and implemented totally within our geographical boundaries.

What communication can we expect from Impact 100 Palm Beach County throughout the Grant process?

  • Communications will originate from our 2021 - 2022 Grant Review Chairs (Ingrid Kennemer and Noreen Payne) as well as the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties.
  • Applicants who submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) will be notified whether or not they have been selected to submit a full Grant Proposal. Organizations who have not been invited to submit a full Grant Proposal may request feedback on their LOI by contacting our Grant Review Co-Chairs.
  • All applicants who submitted a full Grant Proposal will be notified to schedule a site visit with their Grant Review committee.
  • All applicants who received a site visit will be notified whether or not they have been selected as a finalist.
  • Finalists will receive further communications regarding presenting at the Grand Awards Ceremony and will be given a '2021 - 2022 Grant Finalist' badge to display on their website as well as in communications. Finalists will also be required to attend a Speaker Training session, which will be open for two of their organizaiton's representatives to attend.

Are there specific guidelines for a group of organizations collaborating on a grant proposal?

  • Yes. One of the collaborating organizations must be the “lead organization,” applying as if it was an individual organization on behalf of the collaboration.
  • The lead organization must be willing to take on all the potential rights, responsibilities, restrictions and liabilities of the grant, if it is received.
  • If this collaboration is selected to receive a grant, the lead organization will not be able to reapply in the following three years.

Does a collaborative Grant Application have a better chance of being awarded a grant than an application submitted by a single nonprofit organization?

No. Each Grant Application will be evaluated based on its own merits as it relates to the overall criteria for the Impact 100 Palm Beach County grant program. The level of impact the grant will have in our community is the most important factor, not how many organizations collaborated on the grant.

Can a nonprofit organization apply for the grant as part of a collaborative effort and then separately as an individual organization?

No. Each organization can apply for one (1) grant either as part of a collaborative effort or as an individual organization.

Can a nonprofit organization submit different Grant Applications in different Focus Areas?

No, each organization may submit only one (1) grant application each year.

What were some of the reasons that applications in the past year were not selected as finalists?

  • The grant project did not significantly impact the community.
  • There were more requests for grants than available funding.
  • The grant project did not demonstrate the ability to fully expend the grant funds or complete the project within a twenty-four (24) month time frame.
  • The grant project, if designed to be ongoing, did not demonstrate the ability to be sustainable.
  • The grant project duplicated efforts already existing in our community.
  • The grant application was unclear and poorly written.
  • The project budget for the grant project was unclear or not well defined.
  • The grant amount requested did not meet $100,000.

If we submit a proposal this year that is not funded, how soon can we resubmit the same proposal or a new proposal?

You may apply the following year.

If we submit a proposal and are awarded a grant, how soon can we apply again?

If you are awarded a $100,000 grant, you must wait 36 months (from the award date) to reapply. If you are awarded one of the smaller grants, you may reapply the following year.

How many finalists will be selected to make a presentation to the Impact 100 Palm Beach County membership?

In 2020, 10 finalists were selected and 6 $100,000 grants were awarded (one in each focus area).

Your guidelines indicate you will not fund capital campaigns. What types of expenditures will you fund that are centered around capital campaigns? What type of expenditures will you not consider?

Capital Campaigns are defined as efforts to raise significant funds for a specific project including, but not limited to, the acquisition, construction, or renovation of a building, or for the purchase of essential equipment. Any grant requests for funding the strategic planning, fundraising and marketing efforts of a capital project will not be allowed. However, Impact 100 Palm Beach County will permit grant requests for capital projects that meet the following criteria:

  1. The specific use of grant funds for a capital project are clearly identified and itemized in the Letter of Intent;
  2. The grant funds will not go toward any marketing and/or fundraising efforts of the capital project;
  3. The capital project specified in the Letter of Intent must be scheduled for completion within 2 years of receiving the grant; and
  4. The grant request meets all current and standard Impact 100 Palm Beach County grant criteria.

How does Impact 100 Palm Beach County oversee the distribution of the grant funds awarded to nonprofit agencies?

Impact100 Palm Beach County (as an idependent 501c3 organization) will manage distribution of funds; funds will be distributed in two payments unless the project requires otherwise. All grant recipients are required to sign a Grant Agreement with Impact100 Palm Beach County ensuring that the nonprofit uses the funds in accordance with the grant guidelines, timelines, and budget. A condition of the Grant Agreement will require submission of Interim Report of Grantee.

Can you be a member of Impact 100 Palm Beach County and apply for a grant if you are a CEO, employee, or Board member of an applicant?

Yes. However, you cannot sit on a grant review committee for the Focus Area in which your agency is being considered.

What types of projects do you not currently fund?

At this time, we cannot accept applications to support:

  • Activities outside of our 5 focus areas.
  • Programs that take place outside of our geographic area (southern Palm Beach County).
  • General operating support or overhead.
  • Debt reduction or operational deficits.
  • Fundraising campaigns or events.
  • Capital campaigns. (Please see next question for additional details.)
  • Endowments or memorials.
  • Bridge funding or interim financing.
  • Partisan or political activities.
  • Legal expenses.
  • Travel expenses.
  • Loans.
  • Grants to individauls.
  • Grants to private foundations.

We were lucky enough to be awarded an Impact 100 PBC grant. Can we apply next year?

No. Organizations who are awarded $100,000 grants from Impact 100 PBC must wait 36 months (from the award date) before applying for another grant. In other words, an organization awarded in April 2015 must wait until September 2018 to apply for further support. Organizations who are not awarded $100,000 grants are rewarded Residual Grants, which are unrestricted, and they are eligable to reapply each year.

We were a finalist this year and were sadly not selected as an Impact 100 Grant Recipient. However, we did receive a Residual Grant. Is there any instruction on how these monies should be spent?

No. If you have received a Residual Grant, the funds are unrestricted. That being said, several past recipients of Residual Grants have put the funds toward piloting their Impact 100 program before applying for the $100,000 grant the following year. Ultimately, the spending of these monies is at the sole discretion of the nonprofit recipient.

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